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Secrets to Make Your House Smell Good

5/21/2019 (Permalink)

As a homeowner, you know the importance of maintaining you home. Along with structural repairs and updates, cleaning is also a valuable aspect of a well-maintained home. However, cleaning is not always about being tidy. Sometimes, you need to go beyond what you can see and consider the way your home smells. Your home’s smell makes a big first impression on anyone who visits you. Even if you think it smells just fine, it’s helpful to freshen things up. These tips can help you to do that.

Start with the Cleaning

The first step is always to focus on cleaning. Areas contributing to a less-than-fresh scent to consider include the following:

  • Look for and clean up areas of mildew spots.
  • Your carpets generally harbor scents. Vacuum them thoroughly to remove as much debris as possible.
  • Minimize humidity and moisture in the air by using a dehumidifier when possible.
  • If you have pets, clean up the areas they spend a lot of time in, such as litter boxes and dog beds. These hold onto scents long-term.
  • Keep the trash cans empty – and don’t forget to also tackle washing out the trash occasionally so no odors linger within it.
  • Clean the refrigerator inside and out. Get rid of old food inside and be sure to move the fridge to check for any type of spills or food particles that may have slid under or behind it.
  • Keep your linens fresh. This includes cleaning throw-blankets and pillows located around your home.
  • Keep your pets clean, too. Routine baths help with the shedding of fur.
  • Wash the washing machine. Mildew can build up around the door and the rubber gaskets. You may not realize the scent that lingers on your clothes from mold build-up in your washing machine.

Add Scent

The next step is to add scents that you like. You don’t have to overdo this, but consider these options for ways to add subtle fragrances to your home:

  • Put baking soda and citrus into the garbage disposable.
  • Simmer your favorite spices on the stove for a few minutes.
  • Add eucalyptus leaves to your bath and shower.
  • Purchase a room spray.
  • Add a dryer sheet to the opposite side of the heating and cooling vent.
  • Add scented candles throughout your home.
  • Add tea leaves to litter boxes to absorb some of the odors.

Extra Tips

Now, consider a few ways to get instant improvement. Open the windows and allow fresh air to come into your home. Bake some cookies or bread for a warm, cozy scent. You may even want to use more indoor plants that can actually absorb some of those scents.

Don’t Feel Like Spending Your Time Cleaning?

That’s where our team comes in. Contact SERVPRO of Vigo County for residential cleaning services and enjoy a fresh, clean-smelling home without all of the work.

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